Friday, 2 March 2012

Nike Dual Fusion TR-II

The Nike Dual Fusion TR II is a great entry-level shoe for the budding running enthusiast. While by no means a pure running pair, the TR II is light enough to be comfortable even after 12 kilometers yet sturdy enough to handle different surfaces and remain stable.

Nike Dual Fusion TR-II

The TR II features a higher ride on the heel than on the forefoot, a feature common among many trainers. The cushioning is quite soft, providing comfort and safety especially since I was a heel-striker when I first acquired this pair. The transition to mid-foot running was smooth with this shoe, and there was no significant ‘thud’ when hitting the ground.

I have an injured ankle, so a pair with good stability is a must. This pair is alright for the most part, but I have experienced that on occasion – especially on unstable surfaces like gravel – it does not quite prevent my feet from ‘rolling’ outwards. However, for the weekend warrior who spends most of training and/or running sessions on the blacktop or the treadmill, this shoe is perfectly fine.

Nike will always be producing handsome-looking kicks, and I appreciate the simple but functional design of the TR II. The pair comes with oval laces, which hold a knot quite securely; I have never experienced laces coming undone during a run. The tongue lays nicely flat top of the foot without excess material chafing the ankle. Also, the trademark triangular arch support on the TR II provides the necessary visual detail, in my opinion. It would have been preferable to have the ‘NIKE’ logo at the back of the shoe printed using reflective material instead of matte paint. Still, it is quite a good-looking pair.

For under PHP 3,500, this is one of the better pairs out there on the market. Most specialty running shoe brands that carry everyday trainers still sell those trainers at comparatively steep prices, sometimes hitting the PHP 5,000 mark. For the price, the TR II is definitely a pair of kicks that can only be described as bang for the buck. You get a well-cushioned, comfortable pair that is versatile enough for indoor cardio sessions as well as 10k road races.

The Verdict
Well-cushioned, good-looking pair of shoes for a beginner runner that is affordable and durable. More experienced runners will require something better, but for anyone who runs less than 30 kilometers a week, this pair is well-worth the money. 

Image from MRR Sports, retrieved on March 2, 2012.

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