Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Healthy Eating Plate

Say goodbye to the traditional (and imbalanced!) food pyramid.

Harvard University released what I believe is the more balanced and much healthier approach to food portions throughout the day. The classic pyramid puts in too much carbohydrates in the body (and here in the Philippines, this only means high-G.I. index carb sources such as white rice and white bread), and not enough good fats to satiate appetite. Also, I'm a big fish protein fiend, and this new chart emphasizes that a little more. The Harvard Healthy Eating Plate properly portions - and explains - why each section is as large (or small) as it is.

The way to eat.

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Image and information on the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate from Harvard Medical School.
For more information on the Glycemic Index, visit University of Sydney.

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