Sunday, 15 January 2012

Go Natural 2012 - Result

RunRio Go Natural 2012 personal race result:

5k in 29:05, bib #3871
K1 - K2 - K3: 17:13
K4: 4:59
K5: 6:51

This race is dedicated to my mum, who's always there with a prayer when running the race of life gets a little hectic.

I didn't really enjoy this particular run. I came a bit late (only 5 minutes before gun-start!) as C5 road from Jupiter St., Makati, was closed for the 21km route. I had to reroute and it took me a while to reach BGC. Upon reaching the Start Line, there were over a thousand runners for the 5k. To make things worse, those with special baller wristbands (not too sure how to get those; I believe first 1000 registrants?) get to be in front of the pack. I pretty much spent the first 2km weaving in and out of traffic. Obstacles were also a bit of a problem - the human kind. I never really figured out why there are those who attend running events all dolled up to take pictures at every darn km marker. Had to weave in between these photo-packs as well. My last km was pretty slow - and I'm no speed demon - because our 5k pack merged with the 3k pack for the finish. It was like navigating a busy market! On a positive note, I finally won a one-on-one sprint to the finish with some random runner in the last 100m or so. The rush after? Priceless.

Next week's Timex 2012 might very well be my last 5k. My conditioning program is looking pretty promising, and a 10k by March shouldn't be too dreamy. Maybe even a half-mary by the last quarter of this year. Who knows :)


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