Thursday, 26 January 2012

40 Little Ways to Share

I am inspired by with its list of 34 Little Ways to Share with the World, and I've created my own, Philippine-friendly list. It's a little more, because Filipinos are - I believe - a very friendly and warm people, capable of compassionate acts and greener actions, given the chance. In no particular order:

  1. Greet the security guard back.
  2. Smile at the teller/cashier/barista.
  3. Donate unused clothes and/or canned goods to a local charity*
  4. Press an elevator button for someone who can't reach it.
  5. Give up your MRT/LRT seat to someone.
  6. Say 'thank you' to someone.
  7. Teach a kid a coin trick.
  8. Give used books to a school library.
  9. Dispose of trash properly.
  10. Deposit coins and change to Bantay Bata collection cans.
  11. Join a fun run for a charitable/environmental cause.
  12. Skip the car a couple of times a week.
  13. Give free rides (if you have a car) once in a while.
  14. Bake/get some cookies/pastries and share them with a neighbor.
  15. Volunteer at a fund-raiser/charitable organization.
  16. Tip the pedicab driver.
  17. Tip the waiter/server.
  18. Hold a potluck.
  19. Pay for someone's jeep ride.
  20. Put in a good word for someone.
  21. Give a friend a call - just to say hi.
  22. Fix something for free.
  23. Share an inspiring quote on Twitter or Facebook.
  24. Write an instructional blog post on something you're good at.
  25. Snacks for the office mates.
  26. Babysit.
  27. Ask the boss how's he doing.
  28. Re-post funny pictures and/or videos.
  29. Spot for a gym newbie.
  30. Buy fresh and buy local.
  31. Walk and take the stairs whenever possible.
  32. Pick up trash before the janitor does.
  33. Rack someone else' weight plates.
  34. Baon lunch to share.
  35. Sign up for paperless billing.
  36. Blog and/or tweet great, money-saving deals.
  37. Help a friend move.
  38. Be someone's kuya (big brother) or ate (big sister).
  39. Learn a new skill and teach it to friends.
  40. Allow someone to go first when lining up.
*De La Salle University (South Gate) is a depository for donations to Typhoon Sendong victims. Local 7/11 branches accept cash donations as well. 

Good luck, and always remember that sharing follows the Golden Rule.
"Treat others how you would like to be treated."


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