Friday, 27 January 2012

Lotay Yang - Big Brother to the World

I've been a 'big brother', kuya (Filipino), and abang (Malay) to so many people in my 23 years. I see the lack of siblings as a blessing; I get to treat all my friends as my brothers and sisters, and for the younger ones, I feel especially accountable to and for.

Having said that, it's nice to have a big brother for a change. Not a kuya in the sense that I have someone to simply consider asking advice from or someone who guides me through tough times. No, not like that at all. I am blessed with having met a friend who is genuinely caring and compassionate, and one who provides spiritual support, guidance, and wisdom in both words and in actions. A true big brother, in every sense of the word. That man is Lotay Yang.

L-R: Clement Yeung, Ruhani Rabin, Gerry Belardo, Jenny Cruz, me, Lotay Yang.

I met him through another friend (whom I met through social media), Ruhani Rabin, and on first impressions, I could already tell Lotay was someone who would be a big brother to the whole world, if he could. He exuded this aura of encouragement; it's impossible to be negative around him. He told me that his inspiration to do good and be a man who lives by his inspirational words was to honor his father, a man of exceeding goodness as well. Our similarities began here, as both of us have suffered the pain and loss of our fathers. 

The more I learn about Lotay, the more astounded I become. He has inspired countless men and women, and his life is a testament to the unconditional good the human spirit is capable of. I am humbled that a man who dreams to 'bring the love and hope of Jesus to a hurting world' would treat me as a younger brother.

Some of the most uplifting words from the man:
"Be a good son. You become a good son when you make your mother happy."

"Who's in charge of your life?"

"Pride makes a single mistake worse."

"Love doesn't judge; love simply loves."

"Happiness is giving without strings attached."

Your life is an open book, and the world, its readers. Will you be an inspirational book, guiding others to do good and challenging themselves to be better? It's up to you. Who's in charge of your life?


Lotay Yang is the founder of Black Card Circle, a group of trusted influential individuals, and Black Card Circle Foundation, a non-profit organization. Follow him on Twitter and be inspired.

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