Saturday, 31 December 2011

Farewell, Eleven

The year is drawing to a close. In exactly one hour, we say goodbye to 2011. From my experiences this year, it couldn't have come sooner. Oh, this is also a scheduled post but I wrote it today.

Warning: Might be quite a read.

2011 has had many highlights for me. Several stand out from the rest, making the year a whole lot more bearable. Perhaps the most memorable moment of the year for me was PJ and I celebrating our first anniversary. It hasn't been a walk in the park, and I tripped a few times, but all in all this relationship seems to be going somewhere good. I also completed my first run this year, in my favorite place in the world (Davao) which led to four more races (Life Run, Run for Pasig River, RUNdividual, and Rescue Run, respectively). I thank God I have come to love running even as I slowly but surely lose touch with dancing. I'm also very proud and happy that my beloved Skittlez Crew was crowned Remix champion for the third time in our 5-year history. What a way we have come, and how far we will go! And of course, my first big family event with Pat's huge and boisterous relatives on noche buena was a major happening for me :)

On the flip side of the coin, I visited the hospital twice this year, due to a couple of illnesses that I shouldn't be having (both from work). My first year as a working individual could have gone so much better as well. I learned so much: from office power plays to department-specific etiquette, it has been a year of blood, sweat and tears. Some experiences will not soon be forgotten, and some pains may never go away, but I end the year with the knowledge that I didn't give up (even though opportunities were there for me to let go, which would have me fail myself). I made some good friends in my first working year, and I am sure this also comes with a baggage of 'not friends'. if you catch my drift :) It's all good; as one of my work mentors said to me during one of my lower moments, "Welcome to the real world. It's not just dog-eat-dog out here, it's dog-slaughter-dog." Nothing will quite ever prepare one for these types of experiences. I only pray for better (and kinder!) doors to open, and the ones that have given me bad memories, to close.

As I say goodbye to 2011, I wish to express my warmest appreciation to the people who carried me up when I was down. Thank you so much to these people who have made my year better for all its bumps and bruises (in no particular order): Pat, my rock when I'm being battered by the waves of life. My parents, who remain proud of me. My grandma and relatives, who will always be my only kin. Skittlez Crew, my brothers and sisters (and now, my 'children'!), for never leaving me in my darkest times of need. Atty. Lizada and Holyan, who have given me a new family to love and a new city to call my home. Sr. Aida Sabandal, who is my spiritual guide when my spirit is all but gone. My friends, who because of their existence, never allowed me to feel like an only child my whole life. My colleagues, who gave me more than enough lessons to face the year ahead armed to the teeth (so to speak). And finally, to YOU, my readers - this blog and The Gazette - who inspire me to write more and better.

It's been a rollercoaster-ride year for me. Fun and awesome at times, heart breaking at others, this may be the first year of my life where I actually have regrets. This is something to ponder over as I enter 2012, with fresh eyes opened wider, and a heart much more ready to face the unexpected.


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