Thursday, 15 December 2011

Abusive Caregiver Caught on Camera

There's something chilling when a caregiver - the person a family entrusts a helpless and frail member to - is capable of committing such despicable, repeated acts of mercilessness, cruelty, and sheer and absolute disrespect of the elderly.

WARNING: Graphic and violent content.

The caregiver's name is Carmen Pereira, 52, and this incident occurred in New Jersey, USA towards the end of October. As far as I know, the family of the 91-year old lady seen being abused in the video above installed a webcam when their matriarch began displaying suspicious bruising around her body. Mrs. Pereira is currently being charged with "aggravated assault with extreme indifference, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person, and neglect of an elderly/disabled person".


Video recorded by victim's family (2011), retrieved on December 15, 2011 from ARCHIEzzle's YouTube channel.

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