Saturday, 5 September 2009

w00t Term Break

I just finished possibly the busiest and most jam-packed term I've ever had in university. As you guys can see, my blog died. LOL. I am hopefully back though.

Up and coming events I am involved in:

September 13
UAAP CheerDance Competition

September 17
REMIX 09 Elimination round

Still a busy bee this term break, and still waiting for some grades, but I hope to update this blog a lot more. Sorry readers. I saw that from over 300 views a week, I dropped to 80! That's horrible. Sorry again.

I'll be posting up some pictures of happening things, and some shopping (thanks sponsors!). Check back soon! :)

I am in a very good mood. Perfect grade in US Foreign Policy class. :D A 4.0 is always sweet to have!


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