Tuesday, 8 September 2009

First Term SY 09/10

Academically, the past term has been the best term I've ever had in university. :) I have been blessed with awesome group mates (CITIGOV "Supergroup" Danica, Denise, Marianne, Queenie, Rhona, and Angelique) and hardworking, responsible, and absolutely reliable thesis research mates (Chea and Bea). It's nice to be dancing with Animo Squad and Skittlez Crew, AND get awesome grades as well.

Without further ado..

Citizenship and Governance: 4.0
History of Civilizations: 3.0
Research Methods for IS: 4.0
US Foreign Policy: 4.0
Statistical Literacy: 3.0
Race and Gender in America: 3.5

GPA: 3.583
First honors, baby. :D

Non-academic subjects:
Personal Effectiveness 3: 3.0
Lasallian Recollection: P (Passed)

Captain Obvious says Jay is very happy. :D

From Coach Carter:
"..they are student-athletes. Students before athletes."

How true. :D



  1. congrats Jason! good job, keep it up


  2. congrats love! :)
    both of us actually even if im not DL. :D *RAR edutech2*
    i wasnt expecting to get high grades this term but yeah i did so i wont complain nalang :P

    weeeee so happy 1st term is over :D
    goodbye 11 subjs, hello practicum! haha

    keep it up! :D

  3. It just sank in that you will be graduating earlier than I. :( Congratulations on overcoming eleven subjects!! *hugs*

  4. We're very proud of you Jay! It feels really great to be your parents.

    We love you--
    Mum and Pops