Thursday, 20 August 2009

Skittlez Remix 09 Crew

It's tough.

Never before has it happened that Skittlez had too many dancers for Remix. It sucks to cut people, because as much as we do not want to, feelings would be hurt. :( It sucks that only twelve dancers are allowed. *sigh* Sorry newbies. :( Next year okay? I waited a year as well (I didn't dance in Remix 07).

Presenting, the Skittlez 2009 Remix team.

Jason Cruz*
Ann Chua*
Nicole Carlos*
Elana Cabrera*
Jake Go*
Cheng Ortaleza
Chynna Sing*
JC Velasquez
Danny Moynihan of Leeds
Cesca Rivilla
Innah Gan
Angel Noel

* members of the 2008 Remix champion team

Pressure on the newbies, but I know they will step up. Let's do this, Skittlez!



  1. jay!!! havent met anyone from the newbies!!! i want to meet them!! are you guys going to practice this termbreak? i want to watch!!! i miss dancing.. oh well..

  2. put up pictures of them na rin haha =)

  3. You know where to find us. ;)
    I don't have pictures of them yet!