Saturday, 7 March 2009


Ask anyone who vaguely know me, and he/she would tell you that I am a hardcore history buff. I happen to love the Second World War a lot too, and not just because of the spectacular way it brought every continent except South America to war, but also because of Colonel Klaus von Stauffenberg, one of my two German heroes in the war (the other being Erwin Rommel).

This was definitely one of Tom Cruise's better movies, and his resemblance to Col. von Stauffenberg was uncanny. I love how the movie was shot in the real places where the events happened (mostly, anyway), and the accuracy was high. I believe history buffs would appreciate that. The plot was crisp and well-written, with the progression beautifully paced. The only 'negative' thing I might have was the distinct lack of German accent in most of the actors. Not that it changes the feel of the movie (Cruise was actually speaking German at the start!) but I would have preferred it more.

Definitely a must-see.




  1. i really liked this movie as well.

    have you seen Conspiracy? if not, try watching it. i don't know if you'll like it but its related to WWII

  2. Yeah, this movie was great, wasn't it? :)

    Okay, I'll try to hunt that online.

  3. forgot to mention, its a 2001 movie.