Friday, 5 October 2007

Yet Another Hectic Week

Hello readers.

As usual, my bedmate Ms. Procrastination has set her foot down. *sigh*
I meant to update last Wednesday but never got around to doing so. Anyway, here's what's been happening in the week.

La Salle beat Ateneo to go to the finals. *cheers*

Political Science class is getting a lot more interesting.
I found out stuff about Plato that really encouraged my own political views about the current system in the Philippines. Not that all he said was right and practical, but that old guy has genius in his insanity.
Made a lot more new friends.

Became a member of Collected heaps of signatures to help out with animal rights around the world and in Philippines.

La Salle beat UE's Red Warriors yesterday in Game 1 of the finals.
One more win on Sunday and the Green light is back on.

La Salle retreat yesterday. All phones and cameras confiscated for the day.
Had good debates about politics which Roberto and I thoroughly enjoyed.
I hate it when people open their mouths without knowing the proper facts, and without reliable sources. Also when they take it so damn personally.

Officially annoyed with a guy named Mac Mac for being a ridiculous nerd.

Bought a box of cookies from the La Salle fencing team.
Fencing and cookies. Make the connection yourself.

Going. Class in an hour.

There you go.


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