Monday, 15 October 2007

Skittlez at Levi's Rock Candy

Saturday, 13 October, the crew was invited to perform at a Levi's-sponsored La Salle (yet another one) party at Rock Candy at Glorietta 2.

^ Skittlez crew. Kevin was late, so he's not in there.

^ Liz, Fab, Coyi, Ann, G-Fab, Aldz (the clueless face at bottom-left).

^ Skittlez's couple, G-Fab and Ann.

^ Nika, Aldz, and his sister Andrea.

Since it was sponsored by Levi's, there was also a fashion show at the club.

^ Grr.. I like the shirt!

^ I like this dude's shirt even better. *sigh*

I also won myself a Levi's cap for.. well, wearing Levi's.
I also realized that a lot of people do not wear Levi's.

^ Dark denim cap.

After the performance, we danced a bit and decided to have dinner at Max's. The chicken there's awesome.

^ Skittlez at dinner with Decky's dad and little bro.

We headed out to dance some more at Bed Space but I couldn't be bothered to take pictures. Just remember Akon's song, and you'll have a rough idea of what transpired.

"You already know.."

Ahaha.. That's my last party this week! Yay!


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