Saturday, 13 October 2007

DLSU Celebration Week

Okay I know. No updates for a long time.
La Salle Green Archers won the UAAP championships in basketball and that's about how big it gets here in the Philippines. What happens?


Everyday since Sunday. My God, it's awesome. It's awesome for me because I have free access to most of them which means no financial damage. *laughs* Then on Thursday, La Salle had a big party right in our own Central Plaza.

Aldz, Kev, Decky.

Me, Kev, Decky.

Me, Coyi, Ann, Liz, Decky. Go green!

Then hung out a little bit with some TAPAT guys. TAPAT is a political organization in La Salle.

Krista and Kaye. My food and Tagalog teachers. They are also my personal girl guides.

Went to eat at Charlie Brown. The two girls oriented me to 'chicken sisig'.

OMG it's delicious.

Then we went back for a rock night party!!

I heart my school. =)


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