Saturday, 13 October 2007

La Salle Party at Jaipur

Prince of Jaipur (or Jaipur for short), is a high-end Indian/Arab restaurant that turns into a high-end hip hop club after 10pm. And as La Salle won the UAAP championships, this party was all-exclusive to Lasalistas. You're not from my school? Got 500 bucks? Hahahahaha.. So anyway, I gotta look fly, and with that shirt? Dang! *grins*

^ My boys at Jaipur. Aldz (the b-boy) and Decky (the Krumper).

And of course, a VIP stamp sure helps you party even better.

^ It's a little faded from the condensation of my drinks. *grins*

^ View from the dance floor.

^ View from the VIP section.

Since Joe wanted to see the babes that I party with, here's to you my Agent Orange brother. Please don't wet your pants you naughty Scouser.

^ Note that there are more girls when I am in the picture. *grins*

Mike brought high school friends. I love you Mike.

^ Kate, Isabel, Mike. Isabel = wow. She was the only one I danced with the whole time at Jaipur.

Finally, the dancers.

Me, Vince, Aldz, Decky.

In 2 hours, there's another party. Will post pictures as soon as I'm not too tired from the 6 days of hard partying.

PS. I love DLSU.


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