Friday, 24 August 2007

She's So Stupid


Me: Do you know who ***** is? She's added me twice in FS now.
A****: sorry nope
Me: Okay..
Me: Hmm
A****: seems so desperate la the girl
Me: At least SHE messages me. :roll eyes:
Me: Unlike some biatches, gotta block them already
Me: Keep adding and adding and adding.
A****: howd she noe ur number?
Me: My number..? :smack head:
Me: Message as in FS..? :smack head:
A****: i thot thru sms
Me: I'm in MANILA. Aduh..
A****: i suspen oni
A****: u maybe dun understand me
Me: Nope, I don't freaking understand you.
A****: im so confused now
A****: my mind got mixed up
A****: sorry
Me: NP.
A****: np?
Me: :smack head: NP = No Problem
A****: ohh
A****: i thot it was neopoints
A****: in the neopets
Me: :smack head:
Me: Look at our conversation
Me: Did it have anything to do with Neopets??
Me: Gosh..
A****: sorry
A****: u mad?
Me: LOL no.

As you can see, stupidity nowadays knows no bounds. *sighs*
I am still allergic to stupid people. I feel a sneeze coming.



  1. hahahahaha...neopets. out of all the things in the world!

  2. Hey Phoebe! Been a long time.
    Yeah, she's pretty dumb lah. Next time I won't censor the name =P