Sunday, 12 August 2007

The Little Invader

If you are not fond of critters, LOOK AWAY.
The author is not liable for any sort of stain on any reader's pants.

If you are online at 2am, you would know that lately, I've just been really staying up late. Why? Because I can. *grins*
Anyway, a few nights ago, I would see this dark gray something flash by in my room. I would see it several times a night, and I wondered, maybe my eyes and brain are so fatigued I'm seeing things? So I decided to set a little trap.

Aided by RM1.80 fly paper, I set them behind my room door, and under my wardrobe, where the mysterious sightings would appear. The next evening..

I caught the little fella. I let him struggle for an hour or so, and unfortunately, as you can see from the picture below, he made things a little more complicated for himself.

At this point, even Hulk Hogan would not attempt to extricate Stewart Little from this plane of stickiness. With his tail, half his body, and his ear firmly sharing a covalent molecular bond with the fly paper, the poor fellow will, unfortunately, die.

I have not seen any other mysterious blurs in my room from that day onwards. My theory was that, because of the typhoon last Tuesday, he probably sneaked in my apartment for some welcome relief. How he climbed up 5 floors on a single stairwell is a mystery.



  1. HOLY CRAP!! that is disturbing !!! >:O

    the poor mouse looks like he got squished on the fly paper by a human being in the second picture by the looks of his fur

  2. Ahaha.. Well I certainly did no squishing on Stewart Little. His fur got stuck quite a bit, so yeah, there was no escape. =(

  3. ERKKKK!

    J!! So kesian laahhhh!!!!!

    u gave it a proper burial?

  4. Nope. My aunt squished it. =(

  5. the mouse looks cute =( *wants to keep pet mouse*

    miss T

  6. naahh...
    seen that
    done that

    in tagalog they call it mabait (which means good or good one) because they say if you taunt the mouse, it will chew on your clothes and stuff.. never tried it though, the taunting stuff.

  7. @ Tabs

    @ Smile
    LOL, tol, I wouldn't want to taunt the poor little mouse. =)