Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Alright, I'll admit, it's not as bad as I thought it was (but it was still a horrendous holiday because of Uncle Jerk, but it was pretty strange (in a negative way). I knew I was going to be staying at an uncle's place (mum's cousin) but I didn't know he was going to be an a**hole. *sighs* Not one day did he stop ragging me. About what? Freaking everything. My hands, my studies, my activities in university, my choice of females, heck, even my penis. (You go "What the f*ck" here)

Oh yeah, plus he's a racist. I've never seen someone treat other people so disgustingly. Oh well, each a**hole to his own I suppose.

Now the happy bits. Managed to hang out with a couple of friends, toured KL a bit, went to about 6-7 towns, Genting, plus got to "enjoy KL". *grins* I'll let the pictures do the talking.

At Sunway.

At an awesome mosque in Putrajaya (facing it).

At another mosque.

272 steps up Batu Caves.

Pretty high up in the cable car to Genting.

At the very left. Boring ride.

In the cable car.

At Ripley's. My 'before' is on the right.

I took a total of 518 pictures, so please do not expect me to spam my own blog with the pictures. *smiles* These were just my favorites.
I had a good time eating Malaysian food!! I think I spent almost RM400 just on food alone. Plus my new shoes. Unfortunately, I left my slippers somewhere.. My army-print Levi's slippers.. *sad sigh* Oh well..

Trip's grading in the Jason Scale: 5/10.
Could have been better. I also got a 'souvenir' from 'enjoying KL night life'.

2 purple hickeys, otherwise known as 'love bites'.

I only noticed them when my Aunt's friend pointed them out to me. *embarrassed sigh*
Ah well.. KL's a good place. *grins*

To top it off:

At KLIA, 5.30 am.

There you go. 5 days in a nutshell.



  1. ohmygoodness. where is the Ripley's place?? i wana go!

    i can't believe you took a picture of your hickeys!! :O

  2. 2 hickeys?!

    miss t

  3. @ Jacq
    It's at Genting Resort. =)

    @ Tabs
    Yup. By the way, how far is Subang from KL? I stayed in Subang.

  4. not sure.. i just moved here remember..

    miss t

  5. after you said "2 purple hickeys, otherwise known as 'love bites'."

    you go "Ah well.. KL's a good place. *grins*"

    haha.. i know what you mean even though i haven't been there yet


  6. Tol, you have to go there one day. =P
    PhU members meeting UMNO/WORM/TNC members. =)

    Some are ID/HOC so it should be fun.