Thursday, 17 February 2011

One Archer's Crane Accident

Late yesterday evening, a mishap occurred where a construction crane situated high up on Eton's One Archer's Place apparently fell and then was stuck hanging over the side of the building. It was hanging directly on top of Agno Street, the main street that Lasallians use to get from the main campus to three other buildings situated outside (Science and Technology Research Center, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC Hall, and the Don Enrique Razon Sports Complex, respectively). The security officers of De La Salle University Manila quickly closed the street, resulting in many students having classes in the STRC to be stranded for a while, with many others unable to reach the main campus.

The white building on the left is the Br. Andrew Hall, while the lit building on the right is the Sports Complex.
Pictures taken using Nokia C3-00 at 2.0 MP.

This is a worrying trend with regards to safety for Eton Properties Philippines, because last year on the wee hours of Valentine's Day, a fire broke out on the then-under-construction One Archer's and just recently, several workers were killed at Eton Tower Makati when a gondola that they were riding went on a fatal free-fall. Three very serious incidences of safety issues for a property developer is something to heavily consider, I believe.

It is also much more worrying because many of the residents of One Archer's are students of De La Salle University Manila.



  1. Eton? Why am I not surprised? :|

  2. Are there more safety (or lack thereof) issues regarding Eton Properties? :|