Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again!
When guys and girls think of the "best" gift they can for their significant other. It is all well and good that people have this pro-activeness on this particular day every February, but I also believe that what makes a Valentine's Day great is when the weeks and months before the actual day itself was already full of love and affection in the first place :)

I thought I'd surprise PJ with a video since she knows I am absolutely clueless when it comes to video-related things. I'm really glad she loved it :) Here it is:

PJ, I am so blessed to have you :) Another few more months and we will be celebrating our first year together, and I would just like to say what a big difference you've made in my life. I love how you're so intelligent (double-degree FTW!), witty and quick with your jokes, and how absolutely gorgeous and amazing you are. You are as perfect as perfect can be, and I'm glad that what we have is a mature, affectionate, and committed relationship. Thank you for being you, and Happy Valentine's Day :) You make me better in every way <3

Oh readers, please don't give negative comments since it is for one person only out of the more than six billion on this planet :)

Also, as I posted on my Facebook...

"Happy Valentine's Day to the whole world! To those with partners, cherish them well, more than you do yourself. To those without, it's your "me-time"; go ahead and treat yourself to a day just for you. To those in complicated, sticky, or third-party situations.. sucks to be you! :P"



  1. I can watch this over and over again :) best gift ever! Thanks so much for making this Valentine's day special :) I know how hard it is to make a video, especially when you're a first timer. So, CONGRATULATIONS! Haha. It was beautiful :)

    I love you!

  2. I'm really glad you appreciate it babe! And don't pile on the praises just yet; I had LOTS of help, especially from Ria :P It was the choreo which was actually much harder to finalize.

    I love you too! :)