Tuesday, 16 March 2010


So. My blog has been dead for almost a month now, and it has been mostly due to university priorities, not to mention my quite unstoppable addiction to fitness. Mid-terms just ended, and I'm glad to feel I did quite well in many of my subjects. :)

My 21.5 units certainly aren't helping me sleep better, that's for sure. Apart from the latter half of our thesis (which is due soon, I might add), my minor subjects are actually much more draining than the majors! It doesn't help that two of these minors are in Filipino, which I am not exactly very fluent in. Of course, survival in the subjects is pretty much guaranteed, but who doesn't want a 4.0 in minors? I certainly do.

On a happier note, I am finally below 150 lbs, and it's consistent! I tip the scales at 148 lbs, but of course, my target still remains set at 145. That's perfect welterweight size. Since I took up boxing about 4 months ago (Elorde Boxing Gym, I love you), I think of body weight in fight weight classes. HAHA.. Seriously though, it's a GREAT way to keep in shape, and carve all those cuts. :P

Being the academic manager of the university pep squad has proven to be a great and unexpected challenge for me this term. The sheer workload of one person (myself) monitoring an entire pep squad (over 40 members) drove me crazy the past month, but thank God for our Sports Academic advisor, Ms. Grace, and the always-ready-to-assist fellow academic managers, I am slowly but surely learning the ropes. It's great experience, one that I would never regret taking, although it does dent my social life quite a bit. Ahaha..

As for dancing with Skittlez, my time in De La Salle University - Manila is slowly coming to an end, along with my competitive eligibility with Skittlez. Due to some (rather stupid, foolish, and uninformed) possible rule changes, I might not even be able to compete this year. *sigh* Still, my heart is still in the crew, as it has always been for the past two and a half years.

Time flies so fast. I'm a senior next term. :|


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