Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hello, 2010 Body!

Okay my faithful readers, friends, and followers. You all know how I used to look around 2007/2008 right? Chubby, with a hint of bulk. That's right, 178lbs and a 36-inch waist that could use some trimming.

Around November 2009, I basically just decided to screw the chubby part, and go all out stripping it away from my body. What I got was a new physique that runs 5k in 35 minutes, does 60 push ups in 60 seconds, hold a plank for 90 seconds, and weighs 146.5lbs. That's right, plus the waist is now 31 inches. A little under 147lbs, welter weight for boxers I think.

I love being fit. I love being strong. This is me. New and improved. :)



  1. you should have places a 'before' pic =p

  2. You know my 'before' look :P

  3. You sound like a character from Heroes. Lol.

  4. Haha I'd hate to think it's the fat Japanese dude. ROFL.