Friday, 2 October 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

For the past five days, my city, Metro Manila, has been undergoing intensive recovery and relief operations. Last Saturday, this capital of the Philippines was struck by a categorically mild Signal #1 typhoon named Ondoy.

Ondoy turned out to be the worst typhoon in over 40 years in this country. Almost 300 are confirmed dead as of today, and thousands are left homeless. Over 2 million people have been severely affected by this typhoon, due mostly to the deep floods that it caused.

Most of the fatalities caused by Ondoy were due to floodwaters. In some 'fortunate' places like my area near Taft Avenue, the waters were only chest-high; in badly-struck areas such as Cainta and Marikina (Google them), the waters reached four, sometimes five meters. Insane, and very sad.

Schools at all levels have been suspended since last Monday, and today, with reports of another typhoon - reportedly a super typhoon of Signal #5 strength - coming in later tonight or tomorrow morning, the Philippines has been hit pretty hard. We can only pray that all these would end soon, and that Typhoon Peping would just veer off and spend itself over open ocean.

Will update whenever I can. Keep praying.


  1. take care buds...


  2. Dear Jason,

    All our prayers for you, Grandma, Papa Joy & his family and all the Filipinos.

    Take care and we love you.
    Mum and Pops