Saturday, 24 October 2009

Skittlez Crew - Remix 09

Enjoy. :)

Due to technical rules of 20% of finals score coming from the eliminations round (a very silly way of making a dance competition, in all honesty), Skittlez missed out on the overall top 3 rankings, BUT did place in the top three for the Remix 09 Finals itself.

Moral of the story:
Organizers need to be, um, better organized.
Eliminations, in case they suddenly turn out to be ridiculously important, must be taken very seriously.




  1. Not eliminations but SEMI-FINALS. :))
    Yeah I agree. The participants should have taken the semi-finals seriously. Tsk. Oh well. Lesson learnt. :))

    We all love the piece this year. :)
    VERY Skittlez ang attack! :))
    Sometimes, you guys should spend a bit harharhar joke!!! ;P *wink*

  2. Ahahahaha.. Well I believe that we are the crew with the best variations and styles of dances. And I like how every year, we introduce a new style.

    Other crews are welcome to copy. Ay, some already do. :))

  3. Beautiful choreography...and simply love it....keep on rawking you...