Sunday, 9 August 2009

Three Years of Skittlez

I have been with Skittlez Crew since late 2007, and my, what an evolution the crew has gone through.

I really had nothing to do for about half an hour a few days ago, and I compiled an interesting data base about the crew. From the ten original members who competed in Remix 2007 (3rd place), it has seen MANY more new members. After Remix 2007, two new members joined (Jake and myself), thus making up the second generation of Skittlez Crew members.

For Remix 2008, we saw a whole lot of new faces join. 2008 in general saw a lot of members who danced with us in gigs, and generally showed a lot of support for the development of the crew. Out of the ten original members, only six competed again in Remix 2008. We acquired quite a lot of new talent (Elana, Migz, Chynna, Cyrene) and Skittlez would end 2008 as La Salle champions (1st place in Remix 2008).

We had a few members who joined us in on gigs (Cheng, Jess, Brent, Gayle, Maicah, Angel), and now, as we prepare for Remix 2009, we see a whole lot of new faces (JC, Robi, Pao, Cesca, Innah, Rocky, Stephanie), and I can assure all of you that we have some serious talent in the crew this year.

We've also danced in eight gigs (Rock Candy, CBE Oscars, Luminous, MaFia, Green Giant Launch, Danz Dish 4), two of them very special to us (Kundirana Concert 07 and 08, Dagupan). We've performed with some of the best dancers in the region, and we cherish those memories.

We are seeing the evolution of the crew, in terms of dancers, and in terms of styles. This is the third year of Skittlez, and I am so proud and touched that a lot of new and up-and-coming freshman dancers see Skittlez as a place not just to make new friends, but to grow as people and as dancers. To see and hear these new guys want to join Skittlez really touch my heart, because we've done something that a great many crews will not be able to do, ever; to inspire others beyond ourselves, and to show that a crew can be a family as well.

We are a diverse group. We have an engineer now (Decky), we have a Philippine All-Stars dancer (Matt), we have La Salle cheerleaders (Jake and I), we have a school athlete (Pao), just to show some examples. We are achievers, not just as dancers, but as people and students. We give everything we can in everything we do, and as our older members start living lives separate from Skittlez, we thank you for all that you have imparted to us. This may well be my final Remix, but Skittlez Crew will never ever suffer a lack of members or of inspiration.

To our faithful and loyal supporters (Gayle, Maicah, DJ Jet, Zee, Cheng, Sam, plus many more), thanks for the prayers and undying support. :) We are this crew because of your love for all of us.

We are Skittlez. We are diverse. Different flavors, different colors, different styles, but one love. As our awesome DJ Jet did in his special Skittlez mix:

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears;
We dance for God, we dance for fears;
We dance for hope, we dance for screams;
We are dancers; we create our dreams..

Taste the rainbow! :) We're here to stay!



  1. I will forever be a fan. :)
    Skittlez taught me a lot of things-
    dancing, inspiring, and appreciating.

    So nice to see a lot of people admire all of you :)
    i love you skittlez!

  2. more love to skittlez! no skittlez without the (love of) "Z"! hahaha

  3. Gayle: Don't forget, you're a Skittle at heart too! :P Thanks for the support, love.

    Zee: You've been such a loyal supporter! Thanks. :)