Sunday, 14 June 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Aside from being absolutely awesome, I like so many more things about this movie than all the other movies I've seen this year.

The casting was perfect. Relatively unknown actors who portray the relatively unknown facts and situations in India's slums. Great. :)

I love how this movie opens up the eyes of the people who watch it (like myself) and raise awareness that yes, these things do happen, and they exist. The story of how the sheer will to survive and to pursue a love is really touching, and at times, really heart-breaking (like when Jamal gets tossed out of the hotel by his brother). His courage and intelligence is quite beyond understanding, and I believe he embodies everything great about the human spirit: courageous under duress, resilient under opposition, and able to love when all hope seems lost.

The victory of humanity shines perfectly in this movie. :) My only regret was not seeing this any earlier.

One of those movies that have to be in the 'greatest movies' list. Watch it however you can; no regrets whatsoever, I promise. :) Love, drama, action, suspense, horror, adventure, and some epic Bollywood dancing (really, what Bollywood movie is ever complete without the group dance?), Slumdog Millionaire has it all.




  1. Yay finally!! (I don't normally use double exclamation marks anymore. That is how double exclamation mark-y I am at this prospect.)

    It's soo good isn't it? I think you got all of what I loved about this movie, too. No Hollywood-esque glamouring up of bad boys and poverty, just the reality of it. Yet no emo-ness either.

    I also love the soundtrack to the movie. The music is awesome!

  2. Mark-y is a word that should be included in the next Collins-Cobuild edition. :P

    Oh yes. I like how gritty the details were, and there was hardly any attempt to hide the real things that are really happening, instead of the usual; either badly misrepresented, or overly exaggerated. Not a movie to be missed. It's a real gem, isn't it?

    Good Lord, the jai-ho nonsense is overplayed here. It's driving me nuts, jie.

  3. Yes, quite a gem. =)

    What is jai-ho?

  4. Like I know. It's the theme song for the movie, apparently. Sang by the Pussycat Dolls.

  5. I don't know what the theme song for the movie is, but I liked all the Indian-ish music played during the when they were running away from the people and whatnot.

    Okay okay I know it's taken me forever to reply to this =P

  6. LOL it's okay. The theme song was by the Pussycat Dolls. It's Jai Ho, whatever that means. :P