Sunday, 14 June 2009

Night at the Museum 2

I really enjoyed this one. :) The cast was absolutely perfect, and Ben Stiller, as always, great.

I'll admit I didn't find it 'funny', but the silliness was pretty good, and didn't look stupid, as with many silly movies. I thought the singing angels were epic, and the Titanic theme song part was funny. The way the characters interacted - supposedly spanning a great number of centuries - was also great to watch, and the special effects were impeccable. Abe Lincoln's part, I found hilarious, especially at the poke at Stiller's height. :P

Gotta love the little bobble-head Einsteins. Epic. :D Watch out for Al Capone and his gray-scale look. That's some cool special effects, I thought.

Definitely worth a watch.



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