Saturday, 13 June 2009

Baguio Day 3

The long-overdue post on our third day In Baguio City.

| Camp John Hay |

Probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the City of Pines. Camp John Hay is also where the more expensive residences are, and the place reminded me very much of a classier Piasau Boat Club of Miri.

| Butterfly Sanctuary |

All those who know my 'dislike' (an understatement) on butterflies would be very proud of me. (Simone, I hope you see this, LOL).

And then, it was time to go home.. :(

Had a wonderful trip and birthday in Baguio. Definitely will visit the place again. :)



  1. Anak, you didn't have a fright? Now I'm worried.... but you see, you came out good. Butterlies are ok.

    I'm proud of you-

  2. Actually, he was scared po. =))
    I was able to persuade him when the "manong" put 6 or more butterflies on my hand, shoulder, and face and nothing bad happened to me. :))
    Diba Jay? *wink*
    Told ya it wont hurt you. Yihee! :D
    Hugs <3

  3. Mum: Nah, it was all good.. LOL. The butterflies were a lot larger than I imagined. *shudders*

    Gayle: I don't know how you do it. :S

  4. Jayy! Oh my gosh! This is epic! Haha. I'm proud =)

    You even managed to smile in one of the photos!

    The photo with Gayle and the three butterflies is pretty =)

  5. KO!!!!!!! I AM SO UBER PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Teehee! I see the butterfly, I see the butterfly! Does this mean I can start wearing stuff with pictures of butterflies on them and go near you now? ><

  6. I knew it! The sheer reaction from my photos with the butterflies. :P

    Nikki: I know, I know. 'Epic' certainly is the word. I don't know how Gayle handled those insects. I did NOT want them touching me, so still a long way to go. I figured they can't stick them long mouths through my shirt, so I let 'em chill on my sleeve. :P

    Chelle: Thanks mei! :D Um, we'll see okay? Nothing huge, but small butterfly earrings should be okay. I still remember how I avoided you and Angel when you guys wear butterflies. LOL.

  7. Haha. Aww. I'm glad you let them do even that =)

  8. Well.. It would have had to happen eventually, whether I like it or not. Better at a time of my own choosing. :P

  9. haaha! good job jay! jason - 1(finally). butteflies - 987656789. hey at least u got one? ;)

  10. Haha thanks. Yeah, one was the maximum I allowed. :P

  11. :)) michelle: you can!
    i remember when we were still freshmen, i used to wear this "vintage-y" butterfly dangly earrings and jason never complained :P

    jay: because i adore butterflies! :D
    you know me whenever i see butterflies hihi

    nikki: thanks! epic? hahahaha actually he was very nervous and he almost freaked out when the guy was about to put more butterflies on his shoulder and arm harharhar

  12. Rar. I hate it when all you girls gang up on me. LOL.

    One would be the most I'd have, thank you very much.

  13. :)) no!!!!
    next time at least 3 =))