Friday, 8 October 2010

Skittlez Crew Remix 2010 Finals

We are CHAMPIONS once again!

The only crew to have won Remix twice, we are definitely the best freelance Lasallian dance crew, and I say that with utmost humility and respect to the history of Skittlez since 2007.



ComOne Ground
Second Place

Team Elite
Third Place

A special shoutout to three crews in particular.
Team Elite
Great job to our Skittle member Kav Sullano for being in the TE competition team! I'm so happy to see you going places. It's not fair that you have two trophies; champion and third! Haha.. We miss you Kav. I'm so happy I recruited you.

AbSOULute Movement
Congratulations to my boy Robi, another one of my recruits who has his own crew now. I'm so proud of you, making it to the finals and all. I wish you'd come by more often though. Take care of your crew, kiddo!

Vital Legaci
The love and mutual respect that has grown between our crews is untouchable. I'm so happy and touched to receive your friendship and loud cheers, and it was a pleasure meeting you all. Here's to many more gigs and competitions together!

One love through and through.. CHYEAH!



  1. Congrats on winning the competition and on graduating! =)

  2. Only saw this now! :(

    Thanks so much Nikki! :D