Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Others

I'm not a consistent fan of thriller films, but the ones that I do like stay with me for years; thrillers can be some of the most intelligent (or the dumbest) genres of film out there, and when I watched The Others, I couldn't help but feel very satisfied at how it was created and how the plot sucked me right in - without my realizing it.

It's not a new film, but when Pat and I watched it on DVD, I had feelings of uneasiness from the get-go, never a bad thing for a thriller. The way it was set up - fog plus very large house - was spooky, to say the least. That definitely added suspense. The addition of two young children (who were simply brilliant by the way) helped to progress the plot in more ways than one.

At first, it seemed rather pointless and confusing, as the audience is bombarded with so many seemingly random and 'crazy' information, sold extremely well by Nicole Kidman's flawless performance. In fact, most of the time that I was on edge, it was because of how she was acting; when she's tense, I'm VERY tense, and when she's on the verge of panicking, I almost feel the same way too :P Brilliant. Towards the end though, the pieces of the puzzle seem even more confusing until the mind-shattering revelation - and just so it sucks to be led on, I'm not saying it here :P I highly recommend this film, even if it's just to enjoy the simple yet worth-the-wait conclusion. I remember just staring at the credits smiling after it was done. That's how much I liked it LOL.

It's too bad there are very few new actresses at the caliber of Nicole Kidman nowadays. It's also too bad that well-thought out films like these aren't made so often - but I suppose that's how we appreciate them more when they are made.

Props to Pat for introducing this movie to me. Definitely one of my favorites.



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