Sunday, 5 September 2010

Stop It, Seriously

The art of krump is culturally significant to many people in the United States, and spiritually significant for many more krumpers around the world. It's a sacred dance, to an extent, and its traditions and methods must be respected.

Seeing respected commercial dancers and celebrities "attempt" to perform the art of krump on noon-time shows is pretty disgusting. The elements? Gone out the window. The foundations? None whatsoever. Character? Forget about it. *sigh*

What saddens me, as a krumper and a lover of the krump culture, is that people I meet have this wrong idea of krump because of what they see on television. The perception that it's "all anger and violence" is highly unfair and unjust to a bona fide art.

This must be corrected, for the sake of a beautiful culture and art form.


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