Monday, 1 August 2011

My Eye Looks High

Too much porn ruined my eye.

Just kidding. I was diagnosed today with a nasty little bugger of an eye condition called uveitis. According to that helpful Wikipedia link, "uveitis is an inflammation to the middle layer of the eye, called the uvea". It is not comforting at all to know that this is responsible for a tenth of the causes of blindness in the USA.

I woke up today at around 6am with my eye feeling as if it was being prodded by a toe. A crabby, pointed toe. Looking out of my window hurt even more, and by 7am, the pain was pretty much intolerable. I then gave my boss a call to inform him that it is quite impossible for me to attend work today as I could barely see, and I was not a very pretty sight.

A little later, I made an appointment with a Dr. Santos at the Manila Adventist Hospital (where I was hospitalized back in 2009). He then diagnosed me with an eye infection, and since a flare developed inside my eye, he concluded that I had the damn uveitis. It explained my heightened (and painful) sensitivity to sunlight and bright lights in general. I am, for all humorous intents and purposes, technically a vampire. LOL.

He prescribed a couple of eye drops, one to clean the infection and the other to paralyze my pupil so that it would remain dilated. If this was not so, the pupil could stick to my lens, which I am assuming is not a very healthy thing for a pupil to do. So not only am I sensitive to light, my left eye is also dilated. I am, for better or for worse, a high vampire. I don't even know where to begin poking fun at that.

As for the cause, Dr. Santos told me it's either I picked it up somewhere (damn you, infected person!) or it's in the season. Apparently, quite a few are turning up with various infections, not necessarily eye-related.

The pupil dilation will be for 2-3 weeks, and hopefully I do not get any "got grass" jokes during this time. All joking aside, the condition is very painful and the bright Manila sunshine is something I am not looking forward to for a change. I hope this gets better quick, because not only are my good looks - if any - are ruined, squinting painfully while crossing Taft Avenue on the way to work can also be potentially hazardous.

Wish me well, and please pray for my eye.


EDIT: Just noticed this is my first post for August. What a way to start the month..


  1. hmmm. i once watched an episode of a sci-fi TV show where people got infected with something and evolved into sub-humans kasi may parating palang asteroid attack on earth and their evolved forms saved them from the attack leaving the seemingly normal humans eradicated.

  2. Thank you for the comment! However, I do not really think mutating into something is going to be advantageous to me right now (unless I get super-vision, like Superman) LOL :P

  3. Nothing like a nice hardcore porn to make your eye feel a lot better ... LOL! :D

  4. Let's try to not discuss that on my blog's comment section :P I'm sure I occasionally have an underage reader once in a while LOL

  5. Kadiri naman mata mo. Joke! Haha. Hope it's better when I come back. See you soon!

  6. To be fair, it's only the 2nd day of August ;)

    I hope your eye gets better soon, and hey, better a proper vampire who can't stand sunlight rather than a sparkly vampire, eh?

  7. Nica: No kidding; on Monday afternoon I was crying with one eye. It looked horrible and very freaky :P

  8. Jie: That cannot have been said better :D I totally agree! Haha :P

  9. Gug. It's annoying that I don't get e-mails anymore when people reply to my comments.

  10. It's a feature I like about Blogger :D