Tuesday, 7 June 2011

One on Seven-Six

It's amazing how one of the things that set human beings apart from other creatures is the ability of humans to love, to genuinely care for each other. Protectiveness, territoriality, possessiveness, these are all animal traits in my opinion. Compassion, affection, and of course, love, are all very human, and it is made doubly better when one has someone to share it with.

Happy anniversary to us, for making the seemingly impossible a reality, and making our dreams come true. Thank God we found each other; no one else would be able to handle our individual craziness except each other :)

Yes, that is our favorite picture of us, and I believe it has captured our one year so far. Affection plus laughter has been our formula, and the compound produced is a strong and solid relationship. I am so happy and thankful to God for the blessing that is you.

Happy anniversary Pat Juat :*
The best companion, partner, lover, and bestfriend any man could ask for.
I'm just really lucky I have you :)