Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sony Ericsson w100i Spiro

As the previous post would inform you, my phone, a Nokia C3, was recently stolen. Aside from being cured from spending a significant (more than $100) on a phone, I was fortunate enough to have someone who was willing to sell me a phone really cheap. One of my colleagues is about to enter the Christian Brothers, and so was obliged to relieve himself of worldly possession. His Sony Ericsson Spiro, just three weeks old, needed a new owner. I was happy to oblige :P

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The Spiro is a cute little phone. It is so small, it disappears in my clenched fist. It is also really lightweight, but despite of the lack of weight and heft, it does not feel too fragile. The slide-function is really solid as well, and very smooth. Features are similar to most of the other SE mobile phones out there, so anyone familiar with the SE setup would not be too lost with this phone. The music player is also really crisp and loud. The battery life? A few days at least. Also, it has the "conversation" feature that my previous C3 had, whereby your text messages are grouped/threaded like a conversation, IM-style.

However, the camera is very poor (2.0 MP max), and the phone memory is horrific for a phone in today's market, just 5MB. A micro-SD card is definitely necessary. There is only ONE game in the "Games" folder, and the themes are very basic and not very pretty. It is NOT a phone if you are looking for a lot, but for the price I got it for (roughly $50), it does its job (call and text message) very well.

A good solid budget phone. Pretty Spartan, but one of the prettier basic phones out there. Very good value for money, if you are not asking for too much.



  1. I think I'm missing your old cp for you, the C3's much more fun ... :|

  2. I agree. Text messaging was much better, plus of course, there's the wifi feature. In any case, it's not a big deal; I've got my Blackberry Curve for serious business :P