Thursday, 10 March 2011

Remembering the First Nine

Today, the majority of the De La Salle University community (as well as the other Lasallian schools around the country) are proudly wearing Green and White, and also various De La Salle shirts. Today we remember the arrival of the first nine De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines.

The first three Brothers arrived in Manila on March 10, 1911 from Europe and the Middle East, an understandably long voyage at that time. The following six arrived weeks later on May 3, 1911 and the first community of the Lasallian Brothers in the archipelago was complete.

A hundred years on, they have left a peerless legacy of quality Christian education that has produced some of the best and most notable Filipinos in history. They have left an impact not just on society, politics, and business but in culture, arts, and environmental awareness as well, as De La Salle Philippines immerses itself in numerous community development and green projects. A hundred years on, just under 20 La Salle schools around the country have given hundreds of thousands of young people the education that they so rightly deserve, and the education that our patron saint, St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle, envisioned giving to all the young people of the world.

Thank you for bringing the educational institution of De La Salle in the Philippines, bros :)

Brother Louis
Brother Aloysius
Brother Blimond
Brother Camillus
Brother Augusto
Brother Joseph
Brother John
Brother William
Brother Martin

It's a momentous day today. Wear green, and wear it proud.
I am a Lasallista and nothing will ever change that.

Part of my De La Salle Centennial series.

Quirino, C. (1986). La Salle: 1911-1986. Manila, Philippines: Paragon Printing Corporation.


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