Thursday, 17 June 2010

PJ's 20th

First of all, happy birthday, girl :)

The celebration was strung out over three days; a nice, alone-time birthday dinner where we had some pizza, a house party at her place where I showed off some manly skills with the grill - and thankfully, her friends loved the food; PJ's a pesco vegetarian, so boo you :P - and an AMAZING day at Enchanted Kingdom theme park.

No pictures of the birthday dinner at Brooklyn Pizza, but it was a little marred by the fact that twice, the power went out at the place. The emergency lights were pretty bright anyway, so it didn't really ruin anything. We ordered a little too much food though, and ended up really full, and with some take-home pizza and pasta. :)

The second day's celebration was pretty fun as well. I manned the grill, and did my thing. I was pretty proud of myself that the liempo (grilled pork) I made was a hit, as well as the squid. Yay :P Good amount of fun and partying that night, and I really enjoyed spending the day with most of PJ's close friends. Some pictures of the party:

The big one was the Enchanted Kingdom trip. I am NOT one into rollercoasters, but since the birthday girl requested, all of us who went had to go on this monster:

(Picture courtesy of Leonor's Diary)

The Space Shuttle is a pretty extreme 'coaster; it takes you up really high (I assume it's about the height of a 10-storey building) then drops you down. You go through three loops forwards.. and then it hits the end of the tracks, and slides back and loops you yet another three times. Insane. And I rode that monster. TWICE. :D Actually, after the first terrifying ride, I now understand why some people LOVE the adrenaline rush. It was crazy, but it felt so damn good.

On the way to EK :)

Pictures around EK.

They also made me try the bungee trampoline, and it was fun (I did a few flips, and it was funny seeing other people try after that - it's almost impossible without the right technique :P) until of course, the general groin area started hurting.. :/

We also played paintball, but unfortunately for PJ, the paintball that struck her leg failed to explode.. resulting in a pretty spectacular bruise. It kinda resembled the solar system :P

Happy birthday PJ, and I'm happy to have been a part of your 20th :)


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