Thursday, 6 May 2010

Davao Day 5 - Davao City

It's our 5th day in Davao, and we went shopping. No pictures there, but we did have an awesome traditional Davao dinner, as well as my receiving a VERY pleasant surprise..

Dinner with Julian's mum.
Native chicken

Stewed Goat

Had a picture as well with a local celebrity - this guy, despite having no properly developed arms, was a huge hit at a local television show showcasing Filipino talent. He plays the PIANO. And he plays it well.

Finally, on to my surprise. Julian's mum knows that I box (shout out to the boxers and trainers of Elorde Boxing Gym) and so she arranged a little surprise..
AUTOGRAPHED souvenir mini-glove from the Pacquiao-Clottey match, and an AUTOGRAPHED souvenir shirt. Can we all say "OMFG"? :D These two need to be framed. Haha! Signed by none other than the greatest pound-for-pound boxer there is, MANNY "PAC MAN" PACQUIAO.

We're almost going home, and I've really grown fond of Davao.. Tomorrow morning, it's goodbye Davao. :( I'll miss this place.


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