Friday, 12 February 2010

Skittlez Powerhouse

It's almost four years of Skittlez Crew now, and I have to say that every year, the family just keeps getting better and better, stronger and stronger, and sicker and sicker. :D

We've got a very deep crew now, and it's absolutely fun choreographing stunt sequences (which I didn't know my mind could conceptualize) when so many members are flippers and high-flyers. It's certainly a step away from the "various styles showcase" that Skittlez is known for.

This year (this coming University Week, first day of the event) we're going to introduce some new stuff. My isolations choreography, some reggae choreography by Nica, and of course, 35 seconds of stunt sequence. We WILL definitely have some video of course, but for now, enjoy the following videos of my boys and girls. :D

I'm proud and honored to lead this magnificent crew.


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