Saturday, 23 January 2010


I waited for this movie for quite a while, and I was greatly disappointed with the final outcome.

First of all, a movie starring Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid - sounds pretty okay right? It didn't work. This movie was hyped up a lot, and carried some pretty surreal visual effects, but for all that: FAIL.

Apocalyptic movies usually have this certain air of expectation surrounding them. They are supposed to be scary, or at the very least, suspenseful. Legion was neither. It was a horrid marriage of religious overtones and the most confusing plot I have ever seen. In fact, I do not think there was even a plot!

The movie features scenes such as the archangel Michael "not giving up on humanity" even though God has, and has sent His archangel Gabriel to carry out a 'cleansing'. Not much 'cleansing' was shown, other than a few thousand zombiefied humans stalking a lone diner in the middle of Nowhereville. Lame.
There is way too much talking in the movie too. Talking about fixing cars. Talking about life's little challenges. Talking about bad TV reception. Talking about this and that, and even scenes of Michael and Gabriel arguing and debating. Seriously. That's lame.
Another rather noticeable thing in the movie was that the first two protagonists to die were both African-American men; the one-handed cook, and a pistol-carrying 'thug'. Seriously.
I don't even want to go to the parts on WHY a particular baby in a waitress' womb fathered by an unknown man was SO special. It was never explained, other than a vague reference to how "the child is the last hope for humanity" or some other crap like that. Never explained, never expounded on. Okay, the baby was born. So what? The movie ends soon after. *rolls eyes*

It's just so bad I don't even want to review it anymore. All semblance of critical review just bled out of my brain remembering Legion.

At least Gabriel had some ridiculously cool armor and wings. +1 for that.



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  1. I'm surprised you gave it a 3 after your brain didn't want to review it. Lol. And you changed address! And didn't tell me! =(