Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Term

Sorry for the inactivity, readers. I just finished the toughest term of my life here in De La Salle University.

First of all, I had a hard time in my subject KASPIL1. It's the history of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal and his life, work, and philosophies. I had a rough time, mostly because I had no background in it. No excuse, I know. The thing was, my group mates really let me down and I received an initial grade of 1.0. :( Good thing I appealed and showed my personal work and scores to my lecturer and she approved my appeal! I managed to salvage it to 2.5, God bless her kind soul.

As for my other hard subject, International Law, my paper scores weren't too grand (8.8/10.0), but thank goodness I managed to survive it. The reading materials literally could drown a human being. Final grade isn't out yet, as I did another extra paper for it in hopes of getting a higher grade.

Other subjects are alright, and I'm going to miss American Cinema class. Thank you for introducing me to the art of films, and I will never critique the same again. :)

Secondly, I have decided to not continue anymore as a cheerleader in the Animo Squad, and instead refocus my abilities and skills with my crew, Skittlez. Being the daddy of the crew this year and next, I want to make sure the new guys are taken care of just like how the crew took care of me for 3 years. We WILL be back in the top spot in the Lasallian dance scene, just you wait. ;)

However, I love the squad, and I am proud to say that I am now the official student manager of the Animo Squad. :) Much thanks to the Office of Sports Development for having faith and trust in my abilities.

Thirdly, long story. :(

Fourthly, it's going to be Christmas in a few days. :)

More updates soon!


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